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About Us

The history of the Aysu Replacement Parts Limited Company dates back until 20.04.1981 . In this date our company was founded as Aysu Engineering Technical Trading. Our company, started to manufacture by considering the difficulties in the sector of heavy machinery replacement parts in those years. Aysu Replacement Parts Company tried to give the necessary support to construction sector that is locomotive of the economy of Turkey. Then in 1996 by considering the importance of the place of institutionalization in economy Turk, became Aysu spare parts, Machinery, Automotive, Transport, Construction, Industry and Trade Limited Company. Our company has a repertoire of over 5000 spare parts are produced for heavy machinery in Turkey. We will be proud to serve you with our strong staff, rich varieties and stocks.


All parts are sold, have 6 months warranty against measuring and manufacturing errors caused by faulty production. In normal using, faulty parts will be repaired or replaced for free. This warranty does not include expired using and any faulties caused by transportation or workmanship errors. This warranty also exclude the use of the use of parts other than the original specifications. In addition wheater conditions, negligence and accidents are out of warranty.